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G739 18/02/1980 B.Sc Comp., MS IT Bharadwaja Hyderabad Click Here Bangalore
G792 14/10/1988 MS (IS) Melbourne university, AUS Vasista Hanmakonda Click Here AUS
G875 09/01/1984 M. Sc Maths, B. Sc Computers Parasara Mangapuram (Kothagudem) Click Here

Burgampad (Bhadrachalam)

G880 12/06/1980 M.Sc, MPhil Koundinyasa Kadavergu, Cheryal Click Here Maddur
(Wgl Dist)
G881 14/11/1985 B.Tech Telecommunications Kasyapa Ananthapur Click Here Hyderabad
G884 02/03/1983 B. Tech Koundinyasa Nandur, Dist. Guntur Click Here   Hosur (Near Bengaluru)
G892 24/02/1983 MBA Srivatsa Krishna Dist. Click Here Hyderabad
G917 21/04/1983 M. Com, ACA Koundinyasa Hderabad Click Here   Hyderabad
G925 13/06/1985 B. Tech Bharadwaja Nellore Click Here   Hyderabad
G928 18/09/1985 B. Tech Kasyapa Nellore Click Here Singapore
G946 26/08/1985 M.Sc (Physics), B. Ed Vasista Karimnagar Click Here Godavarikhani
G947 16/10/1988 B. Tech (EEE) Bharadwaja Kadiri Click Here Hyderabad
G949 10/02/1986 MBBS & (PG General Surgery) Bharadwaja Hyderabad Click Here -
G958 28/09/1988 M.Sc., MIT (Medical Imaging Technology) Athreyasa Hyderabad Click Here Hyderabad
G959 13/04/1985 M. Tech Koundinyasa Hyderabad Click Here Hyderabad
G960 21/05/1985 MBA (HR), IIBS Koundinyasa Kothagudem Click Here Tanzania
G962 23/09/1987 MCA Bhardwaja Mohammadabad Congrats Hyderabad
G966 30/08/1986 B. Sc (Computers) Vashistha Hyderabad Click Here Hyderabad
G967 13/05/1989 B. Tech (Mechanical) Kasyapa Kurnool Click Here Hyderabad
G968 05/03/1983 BSc, MLT, MBA (Hospital Management) Koundinyasa Allapadu (Dist. Krishna) Click Here   Dubai
G969 19/11/1986 MSc Koundinyasa Sambepalli Click Here Hyderabad
G970 28/06/1986 M. Tech Vashista Venkatapuram (Pulivendula) Click Here Bengaluru
G973 15/05/1989 MS (USA) Srivatsa Gampalagudem (Krishna) Click Here USA
G974 25/04/1986 M. Tech Bharadwaja Nelaturu Click Here Chennai
G977 02/08/1987 B. Tech Yagnavallika Mangalagiri Click Here Hyderabad
G978 15/08/1985 B. Tech Bharadwaja Miryalaguda Click Here   Hyderabad
G979 11/08/1988

B. Tech, MBA

Atreyasa Nandigama Click Here   Bengaluru
G980 24/09/1984 BE (EEE), MBA Srivatsa Khammam Click Here Hyderabad
G981 04/10/1984 Graduate Vashista Karimnagar Click Here   Karimnagar
G982 05/12/1986 BEd, BPEd Vashista Adilabad Click Here Adilabad
G983 10/11/1982 MS Kaundinyasa - Click Here USA
G984 01/09/1981 M. Sc Raghumaharshi Guntur Click Here Bangalore
G987 10/11/1988 B. Tech, MBA Mrithyunjaya Nagarjuna Sagar Click Here Hyderabad
G988 31/01/1987 MBBS, MD Kashyapa Hyderabad Click Here Germany
G989 18/01/1986 MCA Vashishta Medak Click Here Mumbai
G990 28/01/1984 B. Tech, MS (London) Athreyasa Warangal Click Here   -
G991 05/02/1989 MS Kousikasa Nandur, Guntur Click Here Pune
G993 12/07/1987 BA Kasyapa Palakurthy Click Here   Nagole
G994 27/06/1985 B.E. Srivathsasa Gajuvaka, Vizag Click Here Bangalore
G996 18/06/1986 M.Sc (PhD) Bharadwaja Nellore Click Here Bangalore
G998 21/05/1985 MA (BEd) Koundinyasa Rajamundry Click Here Kovvur
G999 01/07/1986 BSc, MBA Bharadwaja Ananthapur Click Here Ananthapur
G1001 20/04/1986 MBA Bharadwaja Tenali Click Here   Kenya
G1003 04/02/1986 M. Tech (PhD) Parasara Kakinada Click Here Tadepalligudem
G1004 16/08/1986 DMLT, B.Com, MBA Kasyapa Hyderabad Click Here   Hyderabad
G1007 11/02/1989 MD (Pediatrics Pursuing) Romaharishi Nalgonda Click Here   Bijapur, Karnataka
G1008 03/11/1985 BA Vanjharushi Rajahmundry Click Here   W. Godawari
G1010 25/04/1985 B.Tech (Mechanical) Bharadwaja Kurnool Click Here Hyderabad
G1011 26/04/1988 B.E. BITS PIlani, MBA, IIM Lucknow Kasyapa Krishna Click Here Bangalore
G1012 25/06/1984 PhD Atreyasa Madanapalli Click Here USA
G1014 03/08/1987 B. Tech (Computers) Vasista Kothagudem Click Here   Bengaluru
G1015 25/09/1991 B. Tech Bharadwaja Hyderabad Click Here Hyderabad
G1016 16/03/1985 BE, B Tech Gowthami Ananthapur Click Here Hyderabad
G1018 11/12/1984 B Tech, ME Koundinyasa Ananthapur Click Here Ananthapur
G1019 09/05/1986 M. Sc Bharadwaja Tenali Click Here Hyderabad
G1021 26/09/1984 B Tech (CSC) Bharadwaja Nalgonda Click Here Hyderabad
G1023 17/04/1991 B. Tech, MS Bharadwaja Hyderabad Click Here California, USA
G1024 04/07/1990 B. Tech, MBA Athreyasa Kadapa Click Here Hyderabad
G1025 06/09/1992 B. Tech Koundinyasa Guntur Click Here Hyderabad
G1026 20/06/1985 M. Sc Biotechnology Kashyapa Nizamabad Click Here Nizamabad
G1027 14/07/1990 B. Tech Vasishta Hyderabad Click Here Hyderabad
G1028 29/02/1992 MBA Finance Atreyasa Warangal Click Here Chennai
G1029 30/11/1988 MBA Vashishta Telpur Click Here Hyderabad
G1032 12/08/1987 B. Com (MBA) Bharadwaja Hyderabad Click Here Hyderabad
G1033 09/08/1991 B. Tech, MS Bhargava Hyderabad
Click Here USA
G1034 15/09/1989 B. Tech (CSE) Athreyasa Warangal Click Here Hyderabad
G1035 08/06/1979 B. Tech Shandilya Hyderabad Click Here   Hyderabad
G1036 02/08/1989 B. Tech (Mech) Athresha Nalgonda Click Here Hyderabad
G1037 29/10/1988 B. Tech Atreyasa Warangal Click Here USA
G1038 08/11/1986 M. Tech Bharadwaja Kurnool Click Here Hyderabad
G1039 16/08/1991 MS Mandavyasa East Godawari Click Here USA
G1040 01/08/1990 B. Tech (SCE) Vasishta Nizamabad Click Here Hyderabad
G1041 27/04/1985 B. Tech Koundinyasa Veerankalaku Click Here Visakhapatnam
G1042 14/04/1989 M. Pharmacy Bharadwaja Mohammadabad Click Here Mohammadabad
G1043 03/03/1990 M-Arch Koundinyasa Hyderabad Click Here   Hyderabad
G1044 08/09/1989 PG, Pharma, MBA Athreyasa Warangal Click Here Bangalore
G10445 22/11/1990 B. Sc. Computers Athreyasa Warangal Click Here   Hyderabad