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B. Tech, ECE (JNTU) Shandilya Mahaboobnagar Click Here   New York, USA


B.Tech (ECE), MS (Australia) Athreyasa Warangal Click Here -
B771 01/10/1985 B. Tech (Civil), MBA Kashyapa Warangal Click Here   Karimnagar


B. Sc, Fashion Technology Angeerasa Hyderabad Click Here -
B802 16/02/1980 B. Tech Bharadwaja Hyderabad Click Here   Hyderabad
B806 05/04/1987 MBBS Bharadwaja Vishakhapatnam Click Here   -
B811 22/05/1992 B. Tech (ECE) Vandurusha Penakanametta (WG) Click Here   -
B835 09/06/1988 B. Tech (ECE) Kashyapa Hyderabad Click Here   Hyderabad
B836 25/05/1987 MCA Kashyapa Macherla Click Here -
B839 31/07/1993 B. Com Angeerasa Nalgonda Click Here Hyderabad
B840 26/11/1990 B.Sc, BEd, MSc (Final) Vasista Nizamabad Click Here   -
B841 12/08/1990 PG (Nutrition & Chemistry) Koundinyasa Nizamabad Click Here   -
B843 03/01/1985 M. Tech, MBA Bharadwaja Kadapa Click Here -
B845 22/12/1987 MSC Athreyasa Kothagudem Click Here Hyderabad
B847 23/05/1989 M. Tech Bharadwaja Hyderabad Click Here Hyderabad
B849 01/02/1989 M. Com Koundinyasa Hyderabad Click Here   Hyderabad
B853 03/08/1988 M. Sc (Bio) Vasista Hyderabad Click Here Hyderabad
B856 29/07/1991 B. Tech Athreyasa Hanamkonda Click Here Hyderabad
B858 23/06/1989 BAMS, MD Bharadwaja Nellore Click Here   Thirupathi
B866 17/04/1992 M. Pharmacy Chandeeswara Taallarevu Click Here   -
B867 28/09/1989 MBBS, MD/MS Athreyasa Nalgonda Click Here   -
B868 19/12/1986 B. Tech (Mechanical) Raghumaharshi Guntur Click Here   Hyderabad
B872 03/05/1989 Phd Kanduva Maha Muni Nirmal

Click Here

B873 08/06/1988 MCA Atresha Siddipet Click Here   Hyderabad
B878 16/06/1983 M.Sc (physics) Bharadwqaja Ananthapuram Click Here   -
B879 11/12/1990 10th Koundinyasa Vijayanagaram Click Here -
B881 12/07/1989 BE (Instrumentation) Bharadwaja Warangal Click Here   -
B884 23/10/1995 B.Tech (ECE) Angeerasa Kothagudem Click Here   -
B887 14/07/1989 B.Tech (CSE) Bharadwaja - Click Here   Hyderabad
B888 16/03/1986 BSc (MPC), MCA Bharadwaja Hanamkonda Click Here Bengaluru
B889 17/07/1990 B. Tech, MS Aathreyasa Hanamkonda Click Here   Canada
B890 17/07/1993 MBBS Bharadwaja Krishna Click Here -
B891 16/09/1993 B. Tech, MBA Bharadwaja Kurnool Click Here   -
B893 15/07/1983 Degree
Govt. Job
Aatreyasa Nalgonda Click Here   Velagapudi
B895 19/08/1992 B. Tech (Civil) Koundinyasa Hyderabad Click Here   -
B896 03/03/1992 Inter (E/m) Vasishta Bellampalli Click Here   -
B897 20/07/1993 B. Sc. Comp Koundinyasa Nizamabad Click Here RR Dist